Mike Harris Soundbites in Real Audio and .wav format

Below you will find numerous soundbites of Mike Harris in .wav format

Below those you will find more soundbites about Mike Harris in Real Audio

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Mike Harris Soundbites (.wav format)

Harris-uh: The infamous Harris "Uhh..." great to use on your computer as the default error sound !
Common Sense: The words that brought Revolution to Ontario
Lawlessness: This is what we can expect in a Mike Harris Ontario
Basket Case: Who's that Mike ?
Misinformation: What you hear from the Tories' P.R. firm
Send a Message: Revolution, that about says it
Ranting & Raving: Like a tory backbencher
Our Goal: To sell Ontario to the US
Breaking the Law: Common pastime of the Harris Government
Law: Something that doesn't exist in Ontario
The Law ?: you mean those Gestapo guys that attacked the OPSEU demo ?
Haven't talked to anyone Yet...: And probably never will
Strike ?: The past 3 years in Ontario
Uh-Uno...?: Do we ? Do we really ?
Uno ? Uh...: And...you were saying...
A New Accountablity: (To accountants obviously)
And, and, if...: Yeah, I've heard that before
Mumbo-Jumbo: Dave Johnson looks at bill 160
Former Premier ?: CTV News Lloyd Robertson - slip of the tongue ? or a preminition ?

Other Harris Soundbites by Dave in Real Audio

Bob Call 1: What the premier did his first week in office
Bob Call 2: What the premier did his second week in office
In a Mike Harris Ontario . . .: Work for Welfare . . ?
In a Mike Harris Ontario . . .: Abortions . . ?
In a Mike harris Ontario . . .: Just like America . . ? !
Days of Action - Billy Bragg !: Guest appearance at the Days of Action Demo. All the way from London, England !
Thatcherites !: Billy Bragg at the Days of Action Demo singing about UK Tories
The Times They Are A Changing . . .: Stealing a Dylan song back from Bank of Montreal
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