Who's Running The Megacity ? ? ?

Noooooooooobody !

Mel Lastman Soundbites in Real Audio & .wav format

Mel on the homeless (Real Audio)
Mel commenting on homelessness in North York during the election campaign
Mel's stance on MVA (.wav)
Mel answering questions about Market Value Assessment
Mel's stance on taxes (.wav)
Mel making statements he now wishes he didn't
Mel on getting elected (.wav)
Mel comments how it feels to be the first 'Megacity' mayor
Mel's a bad boy (.wav)
Who's really running the Megacity
Mel Mistake (.wav)
Many more soon to come !
Mel yells at Mike ! (.wav)
"You Lied !"
Mel yells at Mike some more ! (.wav)
"You Screwed Toronto !"
Mel's Scared of Racoons ! (Real Audio)
He's so scared that he's too frightened to take the garbage out in the morning !

Links to 'The New Toronto'

The New Toronto: Mike and Mel have teamed up to make life as miserable as possible in the new megacity
The New Toronto: Learn to rob and steal for a living like city council and the Bay St exec.s
The New Toronto: Finding shelter in a Mega-Prison
The New Toronto: Who's running the Megacity ? Noooobody !

Links to local Toronto area groups !

TDAC: Toronto Direct Action Committe
ARA: Anti-Racist Action Toronto
Citizens for Local Democracy: Lots of information and links
IComm: List of links to local Toronto non-profit community groups
?: More to come !