The Revolution is over !
     Ontario is now just another American State, and The Premier just another U.S. Governor.
        Click on image to listen to HARRISCIDE in Real Audio  !   Harriscide 2001
        The Americanization of Ontario:
            Mike Harris from 1994-2001
                                                      Toronto cops help Harris deal with the Homeless problem
                     Have you become a victim of Harriscide yet ?
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            Harriscide From Day One !
    HARRISCIDE  Real Audio 
                                BILL 160 ?
            We don't need no education,  we don't need no thought control !
                                Megacity ?
                Who's running the Mega-city ?    . . . Nooooooooo-body ! ! !
                    The Mike Harris Song !
        Adapted from the original "Mulroney is an asshole !" by  AKA 'A. Christ'
                          Don't Harris Me !
                        Demo. Re-Mix version recorded at Aquilab Studio's
                                                Hospitals ?
                            Hear Mike Harris Promising not to close them !
Selections from the first term in office
                                                     Bob Call #1
                        Hear what Mike Harris did his first week in office.
                                (Voices Dave Parkinson, Tracy Lamourie)
                                                     Bob Call #2
                        Hear what Mike Harris did his second week in office.
                                  (Voices Dave Parkinson, Tracy Lamourie)
                                        Mike Harris Ontario-Ad #1
                            Work for welfare ?    (Voice Dave Parkinson)
                                        Mike Harris Ontario-Ad #2
                                  Abortions ?          (Voice Dave Parkinson)
                                       Mike Harris Ontario-Ad #3
                         Just like the USA ?    (Voice Dave Parkinson)
                                Days Of Action Demo-Billy Bragg
                                 All The Way From London England !
                                Days Of Action Demo-Billy Bragg
                                Days Of Action Demo-Billy Bragg
                                     The Times They Are A Changin'
                                             Straight to Mel . . .
    Mel Lastman: An Idiot and an Embarrassment ! - The Mayor of Toronto
        The Last man on earth who should be running Canada's largest city.
            Info on the little bastard's war against the poor and homeless in TO.
                  The mayor uttering death threats, his klepto wife shoplifting...
      Includes copies of Marilyn Lastman's police report for shoplifting as well as
           Real Audio of Mel's comments on there being "no homeless people".
    The New Toronto:Hunting the Homeless in the Mega-City
    The New Toronto:     Finding shelter in a Mega-Prison
    The New Toronto:    Learn to rob and steal for a living
                          Executions in Ontario  ?
                    The Death Penalty in Canada  ?
                                                      The Death Penalty in Ontario
The Coalition for a Public Inquiry into the Death of Dudley George
Dudley George was killed by the Ontario Provincial Police on 6 September 1995. The OPP opened fire on a group of unarmed Pottawatimi and Ojibway men, women and children who were defending a sacred burial ground located in Ipperwash Provincial Park, Ontario.  Dudley George's supporters maintain that The order for the Ontario Provincial Police to "take steps to remove the Indians in the park." came direct from the office of Premier Harris.
Latest revelations paint chilling picture: Spark call for Premier's resignation-September 2001 Remember Dudley George! The Ipperwash Scandal
                                                (From: Turtle Island News Network)
Various Harrisites have repeatedly encouraged bringing back the death penalty...

Mike Harris, Bob Runciman and Charles Harnick all support killing Canadians  !
Thankfully the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled the death penalty is unconstitutional so Harrisites and Alliance types are out of luck for now . . .
Visit the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty Homepage for more info...
Their site has over 350 prisoners webpages and another 700+ pen-pal requests from death row !
                The Ultimate Abolitionist Resource Online !
           You can hear more Mike Harris Real Audio here too !
    Harris Hit Parade -  Harriscide (Real Audio):
          Anti-Harris songs in Real  Audio from Harriscide ! and FTB ! Graphics
            You can hear more Mike Harris Real Audio here too !
       Harris Soundbites in Real Audio and .wav format:
              .wav soundfiles you can download to make your computer go
                    "Uhh..."just like Mike as well as some Real Audio Bits . . .
       Mayor Mel Soundbites in Real Audio and .wav format:
         Soundbites of Toronto's idiot mayor Mel Lastmans Mega-Mouth,
      including the 'no homeless people'  comment from the election campaign
  Other Anti-Harris Links of Interest...
                        Another Victim of Government Cuts :
                     A short story about how an unnamed provincial premier
                   having medical problems due to health care funding cuts.
                            FTB ! - Graphics for activists:
                            All the anti-Harris stuff you need-graphics,
                                   bumper stickers, T-shirts and more...
                                       Meet Mike Harris :
            Bill 160 has given a new meaning to the new 3 R's  in Ontario:
                                        Remember,  Remove, Repeal !
                                 Unsavory Backgrounds:
Dirt on some of the Harris Tories, a useful resource  for P.R. campaigns
                                      Take Action !:
Another useful resource with lots of addresses for letter writing campaigns
                                          Take A Hike Mike ! :
                                       A counter-revolutionary site
      Mike Harris - Determined to Destroy Beautiful Ontario :
                                              Vote and Know the Facts !
                                 North Bay Days Of Action :
                                          He's still an M.P.P. after all . . .
                               Harrised Homepage:
Ontario's web protest  launchpad - A place for people with uncommon-sense
                             Supported by single mothers everywhere
                                A site for people with common sense
                                 Mike Harris Sucks !:
                    Another great site, with links and other resources.
     Harris NON ! :  En  Francais
         Mike Harris,  unlike his two opponents denies having ever smoked pot
              (or ever being invited to any of the parties where people did) . . .
Mike Prefers to drink alcohol - which his ex-wife, and close friends can attest to.
    Mike prefers to get pissed instead,  and one would assume obviously, throw-up alot as 
                   he doesn't have any marijuana to smoke to ease his nausea . . .
     Mike's an Alchy not a pot-head so guess what ?
 Welfare = Drug Tests ? !

 What does the revolution promise this time around ?
If you're poor and in need of welfare, you'll be regularly subjected to

mandatory drug testing  in order to be eligible to receive benefits at all . . .
If you go to jail in Ontario, the government will confiscate your home

and all your assets to pay for your stay in our prison system . . .
  HARRISCIDE  in effect in Walkerton, Ontario !

                    E.coli outbreak, courtesy of Scarborough Southwest M.P.P. Dan Newman, Minister of the Environment
                                     Click on Image to visit Minister Dan Newman
Harriscide's Scarborough M.P.P. Dan Newman
 Dan Newman has served as Member of Provincial Parliament for Scarborough Southwest and Scarborough Centre since being elected to the Ontario Legislature in 1995.
He's now Minister of the Environment responsible for putting E.coli in Ontario's water supply !

            ( Above & below, photo's of Scarborough Southwest M.P.P. Dan Newman, Minister of the Environment  )

Dan Newman says - Just Don't Drink The Water !  Welcome to Ontario . . .
Dan Newman worked for the Toronto Sun Publishing Corporation
for 10 years before being elected to the Provincial Legislature !
Now He is the Minister responsible for ensuring that our water supply is poisoned and no longer safe to drink due to privatization.

Contact the Minister and ask him to resign in disgrace before more citizens fall victim to this act of Harriscide !

Queen's Park Office                           Constituency Office
The Hon. Dan Newman, M.P.P.         The Hon. Dan Newman, M.P.P.
(Scarborough Southwest)                 (Scarborough Southwest)
80 Grosvenor St                                 3005 Kingston Rd., Unit 205
Hepburn Block, 11th Fl                      Scarborough ON M1H 3B7
Toronto ON M7A 2C4                         Phone :416-261-9525
Phone: 416-327-9829                         Fax: 416-261-0381
Fax: 416-327-9830

            And Email:

Contact ALL the Idiots responsible for this act of Harriscide  !

Ministry Of The Environment
 135 St. Clair Avenue W.
 Toronto, ON
 M4V 1P5
 Toll free: 1-800-565-4923

The Ontario Clean Water Agency
 20 Bay St.,
 7th floor
 Toronto ON M5J 2N8
 Tel: 416-314-5600
 Fax: 416-314-8300

  Toronto cops help Harris deal with the Homeless problem            Harriscide's M.P.P. Dan Newman poisons the water !
    Thanks Mike Harris !
   Welcome to Mike Harris' Ontario, American Style !
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